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I’ve been reading a lot lately about mature-aged women feeling “invisible” as they grow older.  Now for a plus-size woman to say this causes a great deal of confusion and conversation!  Dare I say it, it also causes some amusement – even amongst plus-sizers!

An older woman is not expected to dress in the young trendy fashions – if she does she is subjected to a certain degree of ridicule; and yet on the other hand there’s not much out there in the marketplace that allows for elegance and style for the growing older woman. Growing older women (and I’m speaking for the 45 onwards woman) want to be smart in their dress, but unfortunately many of the well-known labels seem to have gone the way of the albatross and either converted to “young” fashion or else closed their doors. Women in their mid 40s and older don’t want to necessarily become part of the “beige” population – they want colour and flair. It’s always encouraging to see women such as Helen Mirren and Dame Quentin Bryce who always make headlines with their fashion-sense.  There’s a good reason I have no doubt.  That is they have their clothes “made” for them.   I don’t think they just happen to duck into the nearest so-called boutique at their local shopping centre to find something that says “style”.
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Dressmakers are hard to find – especially those who will take on projects that include the plus-size woman.   If you know of a local dressmaker then write and let us know so that we can share that information with readers.  We will even draw up a Directory, divided into States – cities, suburbs, rural and country areas.