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There comes a time when every  woman (surely) must look in her wardrobe and wonder if she actually “needs” everything that is hanging there.

What happens when there’s not an annual “spring-clean” is that clutter builds up.  Much the same as the kitchen pantry!    This reults in a number of things.  One – we forget what is really in our wardrobe. Two – the poor old clothes get squashed up and no longer feel or look fresh and crisp and “wanted”.


How much is too much?  That all depends on a woman’s life-style.   This is something that we all need to take into account and quite frankly can be an interesting exercise if we haven’t usually done this de-cluttering on a regular basis.   Recycling is a word no longer appreciated for its real worth, but Op Shops are doing a great business and this is because many women are de-cluttering their wardrobes and sharing what they have with others who do not have.

De-cluttering our wardrobe gives us the opportunity of giving new life to what we have, what we like and what we wear.  Segregating into colours our tops,pants, then jackets and so on, allows us to open our wardrobes (or walk into our walk-in wardrobes if we are fortunate enough to have one); choose a complete co-ordinated outfit within a minute or two, and feel confident about our choices.  Rather than standing there wondering what on earth to wear, choosing something that doesn’t quite feel right and then feeling unhappy with our choice for the rest of the day!

Scrunching clothes up tightly together doesn’t do them any good at all.   It doesn’t go us much good, either!