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Are we taking the abbreviations of texting to extremes?   It’s not as though texting with the removal of vowels in many words is anything new.   It goes back to the days of shorthand if not back even further in time.   I’ve used it for decades, and I know that it was common for engineers and other professional people to hand-write documents using this method, before the advent of personal computers

What doesn’t make sense is the way we are beginning to talk like babies, even as adults!  “Let’s meet for brekkie”;  “We’re having casserole for din-dins, come and join us”;  “I’m giving a party-darty for Bron for her 40th”,  and it goes further into normal everyday conversations.   All this from women who are well educated and intelligent.

This morning I received an email dealing with Manicures for Valentine’s Day.  Now this sounds all very normal, doesn’t it?   But then I took some time in trying to figure out what the word “Mani” meant in their email.    Now Mani is the name of a really nice young man down at the Music Store and I don’t think this email was talking about him.

No, it seems the word “mani” is now being used instead of manicure.   OK, I get it, but then I don’t.  Why can’t we use the correct words without becoming child-like in our everyday mature intelligent conversations?   Is it at all possible that our children will attempt to teach us how to use words and spell correctly in the future?

Am I so old-fashioned?